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Sambil Santo Domingo Mall

The First Luxury Mall in the Caribbean Will Soon Be Completed

After being postponed for several years due to the economic recession, construction on Sambil Mall is close to coming to a close. I just finished a virtual tour of the complex, and after living in the Dominican Republic country for over a decade, I have to say I am impressed. My previous favorite, Dimond Mall, is about to be replaced by this proposed building that will fill an entire city block and contain more than enough shops, restaurants, and other businesses to attract and awe commercial and recreational tourists. Visitors will be able to access the Sambil mall from three streets. John F. Kennedy Ave., San Martin Ave and Paseo De Los Aviadores.

Physical and Ambiental Comfort

Even a quick scan of the exterior and interior make it clear that design and comfort were high on the list of priorities for the creators of Sambil Mall. Every area, has been created with foliage and seating areas that harmonize with the urban feel of the surrounding areas and to facilitate group social and recreational interaction.

Under Ground Parking Decks

Sambil Santo Domingo Mall will have three underground levels that will provide ample parking (2,300 spaces) for shoppers, assuring that no matter what the external conditions are, they will be able to stay cool, dry, and safe and so will their cars.

A loading and unloading area has also been conveniently placed in the parking decks to facilitate transportation of larger items.


After parking their cars, shoppers car take the escalator, or stairs, up into the first tier of Sambil Mall. The following three levels are have balcony walkways that boarder the shops, stores, and restaurants that face them, and then branch out into the other areas of the mall. Each of the balconies open into the main entrance area, and open up more-and-more as you reach each level where they are illuminated primarily by natural light from the open domed glass windows.

In total, there will reportedly be more than 200 well known jewelry, clothing, bath and beauty, crafts, office supply, home décor, supermarkets, and other stores and businesses located throughout the complex - providing the best products, brands, and selection available anywhere on the island.

To provide comfort and convenience, Sambil Santo Domingo Mall will provide store services after normal work hours, and the North-East area of each level will have access to public restrooms, elevators, public telephones, stairs, mall service stations, and water fountains.

Reader Comments on the DR

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For film buffs, there will be a state-of-the-art movie theatre with multiple screens. The theatre will show a selection of America, Spanish, and South American films, and offer assorted chocolates, candies, and pop-corn that are normally available at quality movie theatres.

An ice rink is apparently also on the list of Sambil Mall's presented novelties. One project depiction shows a full sized rink on the first floor of an open section of the complex that is surrounded by stores and has an assortment of children, and adults, doing pirouettes and figure eight's all across the ice. This will be first permanent public ice rink on the island, and I for one will be paying it a visit. An ice rink on a tropical island? do I hear the whispers of a Dominican Hockey League predicted for the future?


Corporativo, a hotel particularly designed to appeal to traveling professionals and to bolster the tourism industry, provides luxury rooms with all the amenities that could be desired. The hotel has an enormous open entrance way and lobby, large conference rooms, and is built into the complex to provide easy access to everything the mall has to offer.


Last but certainly not least, especially on my list, are the restaurants. There will be a large food court that will include McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Baskin Robbins, and an assortment of local area food chains, in addition to several quality dining establishments.

With all of this to offer, I can't wait until it's finished!


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